Китоврасъ (kitowras) wrote,

Абузе Тим ЖЖ оне видит ничего дурного в ру_сс

Получил от них сегодня такой ответ:

Thank you for your report. We have reviewed the content to
which you linked and determined that currently it is not in
violation of Terms of Service.

Although we agree that the content in question is disturbing
and in poor taste, it does not constitute a violation of the
LiveJournal Terms of Service. The content posted is simply
an opinion, and we allow the expression of a wide range of
opinions on LiveJournal, as long as no explicit threats of
physical harm are made against any particular racial,
ethnic, or social minority.

Типа, да это гадость и дурной вкус, но законов не нарушает и останется на месте....
Нда... Бог им судия...

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